to•la (tō´ lə ) Balance


Tola is a Sanskrit word that has been translated to mean balance. We all seek balance whether it be with work, family, our health or even our spirituality. And when one of these components is consuming too much time or space, the others don’t get the attention they need to provide us with a healthy balanced lifestyle. We can become stressed very easily in today’s world and as everyone knows, this can take a toll on our mental and physical states. The goal is to nurture all important areas in our life so that we are balanced, and not tipping the scale to one side.

Balance is also extremely important as it relates to our anatomy. If we are physically off balance and not identical on each side of our bodies, whether it be from physiological, emotional, behavioral or structural stressors we will create dysfunction within our bodies and unless we try and correct it, we will end up with discomfort and pain.

I try and use only all natural organic products when possible. I feel we can make a lot of choices in our lives that affect our health. Sometimes we are subjected to things that aren’t always beneficial to our health, so why not do the best we can whenever possible?

Meaning and Derivation of the TOLA Logo:

The Double Scroll has been interpreted as Balance.

The Circle represents Unity, a Whole.

The Quartered Circle can be a symbol of the following: North, East, South and West; Earth, Water, Air and Fire; And can also represent a traditional Native American Medicine Wheel.

Two Double Scrolls Together is interpreted by some cultures to mean Good Health.

When you integrate all of the individual symbols we can look at it as a healthy physical and mental state with balance in the four areas of our life creating a happy, whole life!

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